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Music Theory and History Online

Music info dump. Amazing.


Collection Content

  • Music Theory and History Online
  • Medieval Music & Arts Foundation Early Music FAQ
    Great history resource for early music.
  • Interactive Music Skill Checks
    Great resource for testin and refining written and aural music skills.
  • Reading Music
    Reading Music (Tutorial)
    As the title suggests. This site contains all the info that anybody could ever need to learn to read music.
  • International Music Score Library Project
    The Granddaddy of all classical music resources: a huge library of hundreds of years worth of classical music scores in... More
  • Copyright free public domain music
    Copyright free public domain music (Reference Material)
    An IMSLP alternative.
  • (Collection)
    A good theory site: good for reference and for skill training.
  • America's Jazz Heritage
    Good for all things jazz- especially as an introduction.
  • An Introduction to Species Counterpoint
    Great intro to counterpoint
  • Basic Music Theory on the WWW
    beginning theory