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Course: First used with Chris McNeil's Emergency Medicine Residency faculty 2011

laptops and internet access

Pedagogical Approach


Learning Outcomes

Faculty will be able to search for online instructional resources and critique them in order to select an optimal resource that prepares Residents to participate in a face-to-face learning session.


active engagement, discussion, application

Other Information


Course Resources

  • A Practical Guide to Clinical Medicine
    comprehensive physical examination and clinical education site for medical students and other health care porfessionals
  • Clinical Skills Online
    Clinical Skills Online (Learning Object Repository)
    CSO is a project aimed at providing interactive online videos demonstrating core procedural skills common to a wide... More
  • Evidence Based Medicine (EBM) Toolkit
    This is a collection of tools for identifying, assessing and applying relevant evidence for better health care... More
  • Electrocardiogram
    Electrocardiogram (Drill and Practice)
    An educational game on electrocardiograms from the Nobel Prize site.
  • Screening Physical Exam
    Screening Physical Exam (Presentation)
    Medical exam procedures-text with accompanying procedures. Methodical examination of patients from head to foot.
  • Theriot Lab Movie Collection
    This site offers high quality microscopic movies of pathogens such as Listeria and Salmonella infecting host cells.
  • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Public Health Image Library
  • Neurobiology & Anatomy Image and Movie Catalog
  • Excellent Free Streaming video lectures, animations, ebooks etc
  • Golden Stethoscope Contest