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Allgemeine Resourcen, Link-Listen

I am collecting materials in this list that are varied and/or portals to many different resources.

Collection Content

  • German Resources on the Web (GROW)
    AATG: American Association of German Teachers, tons of links for teaching materials. Very well organized.
  • Linguanet Europa (now Linguanet Worldwide)
    A site that I can recommend to my students for independent study or find materials for instruction.
  • Foreign Language Teaching Forum: WWW Resources for Language
    FL TEACH ist eine lange Link-Liste. Es gibt allgemeine links und auch welche für Deutsch (wie Deutsche Welle) mal sehen,... More
  • Teacher Resources for Instructional Planning for Foreign Languages
    Web page from Mobile County PS, mit teaching tips für Deutsch, vor allem auch mit Technologie! Interessant