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  • Virtual Chemistry Laboratory
  • Interactive Simulations for General Chemistry
    This website is excellent for a backbone of visual simulations for a chemistry class. I like the first simulation of the... More
  • BrainPop Health, Science, Technology Animation for Kids
    This is actually a website we used in our ICE class. We are learning the metric system and we watched a video describing... More
  • Virtual Chemistry Laboratory
    This is a very interesting website. It gives the user the ability to mix dangerous chemicals on the computer. I like... More
  • Performance Assessment Links in Science
    This is very interesting, and is something I can use for assessments. I found performance tasks for physical science... More
  • Chemistry Study Cards
    Chemistry Study Cards (Reference Material)
    These virtual notecards are great! I would give this to students as a way to study for the AP exam or for their regular... More