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Minerals and Mining

I stumbled on this during a browse of the merlot website. There’s a lot of content pertaining to a number of key Earth Science topics which include rock identification and classification (including picture example of almost every rock geologists have ever classified), a list of every elements and minerals and their uses in everyday objects, activities and kits to use for the classroom, and a number of teacher aids for generating content rich lesson plans. I particularly liked the section on mining and minerals and ‘fact sheets’ that could either be handed out to students for an in class writing assignment or more detailed homework assignment. I think it’s important that students understand where all of the stuff in t heir lives come from. It wasn’t terribly long ago that any one on the planet could be asked the question “where did that come from?” and they could answer it with ease. In the present, everything we have at our fingertips (i.e. the keyboard I’m typing on right now) is filled with elements that were mined from 5 different countries, assembled in 2 different countries, and then shipped all across the world. People should know where there stuff comes from, and this website does an excellent job of displaying and explaining just that. 


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