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French short story

In this jigsaw activity, a group of 20 students will read a French language short story entitled "Le Génie du Manguier." Students will then split up into four smaller groups of five students each and do a classic jigsaw activity. Each group will receive its own task to do for homework. Group one will re-read the text to study the role of women; group two will study the role of men; group three will study the active role of spirits; and group four will examine the role of nature. Back in the classroom, new groups will form jigsaw-style, with one member of each of the previous groups at each of the four tables. The new groups then have a discussion in which they weave together all the major themes of the story including all the varying perspectives.Activity authored by Laura Franklin, Professor of French at Northern Virginia Community College, to be used in conjunction with the original website Le Génie du Manguier by Marie-Josée Kinkingnehun