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SEYS362 Jerold Kim

These are materials I could use for chemistry teaching in high school.


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  • Chemistry Study Cards
    Chemistry Study Cards (Reference Material)
    These flashcards can be used for studying for tests but not for understanding the concepts. I would refer this website... More
  • Atomic Theory: The Early Days
    I do not think that this is the ideal way to teach a class. I believe though that this can be a website for students to... More
  • Dilutions
    Dilutions (Tutorial)
    This is something that I can use to explain dilutions to my class. Dilutions are hard to understand so I would give them... More
    CHEMTUTOR (Tutorial)
    This is a good internet study guide teaching a lot of stuff that science teachers would teach. However there is too much... More
  • Chembalancer - balancing equations game
    Seems like a very basic game but it seems to be a mildly fun "game".