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Jamie Medlock - Personal Collection

This collection encompasses a multitude of exemplary websites in which I would utilize when conducting particular lessons. The websites were chosen because they cover various different styles of covering material. For instance, certain websites contain mostly animations, while other websites contain a surplus of pictures as well as in depth descriptions of the target content area. When conducting a biology lesson, I would most definitely consult one of these exemplary websites and utilize it as a guide as well as supplementary material.


Collection Content

  • Biological animations and tutorials
    This particular webiste is extremely helpful due to its various animations and depictions. These animations coupled with... More
  • DNA from the Beginning
    DNA from the Beginning (Simulation)
    This material is highly in depth and covers many aspects of Genetics. I would most definitely utilize this material when... More
  • Understanding Evolution
    This material is extremely helpful when it comes to teaching Evolution. Evolution covers many topics and can sometimes... More
  • Animal Eyes and Evolution
    This material is fun and exciting. Not only are there great pictures to look at, there are also a wide variety of... More
  • The eSkeletons Project
    The eSkeletons Project (Simulation)
    This webiste would be extremely helpful when covering a lesson on human evolution. It provides both a fun and engaging... More
  • Skeletal System
    Skeletal System (Drill and Practice)
    I found this site to be extremely useful and very easy to navigate. The site provides information on the entire human... More