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Student Readiness for Online Learning

This collection of online resources provides examples of self-administered assessments designed to help students evaluate their readiness for online classes.  Most of the resources have been developed and used by universities.


Collection Content

  • Online Learning Readiness Questionnaire
    University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill developed this quick quiz that students self administer to determine online... More
  • Online Readiness Self-Assessment
    California State University, Stanislaus provides a self-administered assessment for students to indicate their readiness... More
  • Online Learning Readiness Assessment
    Foothill College of the California Community College System developed self-administered 20 multiple choice questions to... More
  • Assessing Readiness for E-Learning
    Assessing Readiness for E-Learning (Open (Access) Journal-Article)
    This is a journal article from 2004 Performance Improvement Quarterly, 17(4) pp. 66-79 provides support for online... More
  • Self Assessment of Online Learning Readiness
    Loyola University New Orleans provides a 20-question self-assessment to assess readiness for online learning. Questions... More
  • Self-evaluation for students considering taking  Distance Learning courses
    The self assessment by DANTES (Defense Activities for Non Traditional Education Support) can be used by students to the... More
  • OASIS - Online Assessment System for Internet Student