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Accounting Systems Design

Resources that inform and assist in the design of accounting information systems

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  • How to draw data flow diagrams
    This site which provides a free 30 day trial version of its software, also provides many good useful resources for... More
  • Understanding Entity Relationship Diagrams -Introduction
    A short but good description of Entity Relationship Diagramming.
  • The Top 6 Free and Open Source Project Management Software for Your Small Business
    This site is quite good for project management issues. I checked out the MS Project crib sheet, and also the indexed... More
  • Project Planning and Feasibility Analysis
    This paper is good in its discussion of feasibility analysis.
  • The Technique of Data Flow Diagramming
    This is an easy read about Data flow diagrams. It was written in 1997, but remains useful.
  • Software Patterns and Pattern Languages
    This site about patterns useful in software development is beyond what is taught in a first AIS course...however I found... More
  • Flowcharting Made Simple
    Flowcharting Made Simple (Reference Material)
    An AICPA article with links to sample flowcharts and excel tips to help in doing flowcharts.
  • Stevie
    Stevie (Drill and Practice)
    Stevie, is a tool for modeling cardinalities, using the REA framework.