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  • Mini-cases from Lockheed Martin
    These are a series of 20 mini-cases that concern ethical dilemmas in business. The game was designed to educate the... More
  • Index of Learning Styles
    This is an on-line survey that can be taken to determine your preferred Learning Style.
  • Test Your Money Smarts
    This is a 10 question quiz that asks questions about investments. For each multiple choice response an explanation is... More
  • Business Ethics Cases 2
    This site has links to a variety of cases and articles concerning business ethics. The cases have questions for... More
  • Entrepreneurship Classroom Activities
    This site contains 13 classroom activities for an entrepreneurship class. In addition to background information about a... More
  • Cases for the Entrepreneurship Class
    This site contains six cases or actually stories of successful entrepreneurs. Questions for discussion are also... More