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Jennifer Cash - CUI 628


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  • The One Computer Classroom
    Descritption: This site is reference for ideas for use of one computer in the classroom. The site includes activites and... More
  • Learning Network
    Learning Network (Collection)
    Description: This site includes a lesson planning center, teacher tools, resources for subject areas, classroom... More
  • (Tutorial)
    Description: This site contains games, puzzles, activites, and tools for upper middle and secondary students. Games are... More
  • Circle of Inclusion, Forms and Articles
    Description: This is a reference site for teachers who need information on teaching in the inclusion classroom.... More
  • Multicultural Pavilion
    Multicultural Pavilion (Collection)
    Description: This site contains articles and information about multicultural education. Teachers can take an online quiz... More
  • The world of Math Online
    Description: includes formulas, homework help, games, and online calcutlators. Content ranges from basic math... More
  • mathFROG
    mathFROG (Drill and Practice)
    Description: is a Fun Resource and Online Games for grades 4, 5 and 6. Site includes 45 minute lessons that... More
  • Puzzlemaker
    Puzzlemaker (Drill and Practice)
    Description: This site can be used to create brain teasers, word searches, crossword puzzles, mazes, and word scrambles.... More
  • AAA Math
    AAA Math (Drill and Practice)
    Description: This site is an interactive tools used for drill and practice. Students can use the tools and games to... More
  • A+ Math
    A+ Math (Collection)
    Description: This site can be used by students to create worksheets and flashcards. There is also a game room and... More