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The National Collaborative for Digital Equity's aim is to support sustained efforts to eliminate the digital divide as a barrier to economic and educational opportunity. As a federally tax-exempt nonprofit, NCDE provides free dissemination and policy education as well as comprehensive, fee-based consulting services, in support of digital equity for economic and educational inclusion.

NCDE's commitment is "field building" -- generating a sustained national infrastructure to support evidence-based practices in eliminating the digital divide as the crushing barrier it presents to the nation's low- and moderate-income learners and communities.

Download NCDE Guide and Statement

NCDE Guide for Digital Equity and Economic Inclusion 6th edition
Joint Statement: Integrating Digital into Financial and Economic Inclusion

National Digital Equity Summits

National Symposium, Miami FL (January 13-14, 2020)
National Summit, Washington DC (May 14-15, 2019)

State Digital Equity Summits

New Hampshire Summit (2019)
New Hampshire Summit (2018)
Massachusetts Summit (2018)


SkillsCommons is creating a customized repository for the National Digital Equity for Financial, Economic and Educational Inclusion project to store, curate, distribute, rebrand, and revise the resources created for the National - Digital Equity for Financial, Economic and Educational Inclusion, along with reliable and effective support services. Learn more about our Products & Services to help advanced your strategic initiatives below.

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California State University, Office of the Chancellor and its MERLOT program designed and implemented the national, open library of workforce programming and training materials called SkillsCommons. The SkillsCommons library is open for educators, workforce development staff, human resources staff, and individual workers and provides free and easy access to the innovative training materials across a wide variety of industry sectors that can be adopted and adapted for the local use.

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