The National Collaborative for Digital Equity invites you to join us in a national “One Percent for Digital Equity” Campaign to encourage and assist the nation’s federally insured banks to voluntarily commit 1% of their Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) funds for digital equity.

Banks commit over $100 billion in CRA funds each year to foster economic opportunity, inclusion and vitality, in the nation’s low- and moderate-income communities. Until recently, banks could not receive credit toward meeting their CRA obligation by investing in efforts to close the digital divide. But that has recently changed.

NCDE’s advocacy and pilot efforts encouraged the Federal Reserve and other federal policy makers to provide banks with CRA credit when addressing the digital divide as a barrier to economic inclusion.

The rationale is simple: without digital access and skill, it’s becoming nearly impossible to find out about, prepare and apply for living wage jobs, in today’s increasingly digital economy.

Join us in encouraging and assisting banking leaders to voluntarily commit just One Percent for Digital Equity in the lower-income communities they serve, as this will unleash eventually $1 billion each year to eradicate the digital divide -- by supporting affordable access for all citizens to broadband, computers, tech and librarian support, for economic inclusion and educational opportunity.