Quality Assurance for blended and online courses

Fall 2018-Spring 2019 - CSUDH 

At CSUDH we proposed to hold one Face to Face Quality Matters training, broaden outreach efforts to all colleges and some specific departments.  We proposed to rework the e academy.  We also proposed to work with the Academic Senate Committee for Online Best Practices as well work with Academic Technology on doing "Introduction to Online Teaching for all colleges." Additionally we proposed to host an "Improving Online/Blended Instruction" Faculty Learning Community.

We had 31 people training in QM or QOLT. We provided 20 faculty with an introduction to online teaching workshop. We created an advisory board with two faculty with great expertise in online teaching. Our board consists of a faculty from every college

Campus QA Goals

Campus Goal for Quality Assurance

What was the main focus of your proposal? What are the needs of your campus to support Quality Assurance efforts and support for faculty/instructors? How are your QA efforts supporting the local Student Success goals?

  • Have at least 20 new faculty complete Quality
  • Have 2 courses reviewed under QM or QOLT rubric
  • create FDC advisory board with experts in Online teaching

Quality Assurance Lead(s)

  • Kara Dellacioppa, FDC Director
  • Reza Boroon, Academic Technology Director 

Supporting Campus Partners

    • Provost's office
    • Academic Technology Instructional Designers
    • Academic Senate

Campus Commitment Toward Sustainability of QA Efforts

  • FDC Advisory Board met with Provost Spagna May 1 to discuss baselining QA funding into the FDC's baseling
  • Academic Technology will offer more intro to online teaching workshops in 2019-2020.

Summary of Previous QA  Accomplishments

  • Over 70 faculty training in QM or QOLT rubric
  • 7 courses reviewed in QM rubric
  • Increasing FLC in Online teaching participation

Dissemination of QA Efforts— Conferences 

Online teaching demonstration at the Design your LIfe conference on January 18, 2019 by three faculty, CSUDH

Accessibility/UDL Efforts

We have a workshop with 12 people signed up on Accessibility for June 18. We have schedule one for mid September as well.

Quality Assurance Results

Training Completions

  • 19 Face to Face QM trainings were complete February 22, 2019
  • 15 online CO online/blended training courses completed
  • 20 intro to online/blended workshop attended (Fall and Spring)

Student Quality Assurance Impact Research 

This work only started in Spring 2019. Part of the reason was thatthe FDC director did not have a supervisor (will have one starting on July 1, 2019) and she was being asked to do other work outside of her job description. Now we have a broader QA team and work is being done to do this research beginning in August.

Development of Campus Intro to Online Teaching course

Academic Technology had created online Self-Paced training course for faculty. The course is available through our campus LMS. Furthermore, Academic Technology will offer more intro to online teaching workshops in 2019-2020.

Next Steps for QA Efforts 

We are hoping to do much more promotion for faculty on QM and QOLT training and we are hoping also to advocate for subscriptions to online training for them to help them improve their online teaching skill-set.