Heroic Imagination In Literature:          Connecting Past Human Stories to Human Actions Today

Rose Zimbardo and Philip Zimbardo have created a series of essays that illuminate the character of mythical and real heroes in literature which can help us all imagine how we can take heroic actions in our everyday lives.

Heroic Imagination in Literature is an OPEN COMMUNITY for sharing teaching resources and strategies that can help students discover their own heroic nature and take heroic actions. 

Teachers can revise, create new, and share their own teaching materials and we will host your materials for free!

Getting Started: 

Download the PDF for the full content of An Approach to Teaching Literature: An Introduction and Lesson Plans

You can begin any course on literature by having us address the question, “What is literature?”

Through Literature, we:

  • Create ABSTRACT SYSTEMS, like language and mathematics, that transcend and outlive our biological selves.
  • Can TRANSCEND time as well as space through writing.
  • PROJECT onto an external structure of language a totally internal perception or understanding.  

John Donne says, ”Every man is part of the continent that is mankind.”  That is what literature shows us; that is what studying literature IS FOR.