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Learning To Teach Online - Recommendations & Free Courses

Download the latest edition of  "Delivering High-Quality Online Instruction in Response to COVID-19:  Faculty Playbook".  This playbook is a collaboration between the Online Learning Consortium (OLC), the Association of Public and Land-grant Universities (APLU), and the Every Learner Everywhere Network with support from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. It is designed to serve as a concise guide in addressing faculty needs for online course design, teaching, and continuous improvement. 

Download the Chronicle of Higher Education's free collection of advice guides and opinion pieces on online learning. You'll get the insight and analysis needed to make the adjustment to teaching a full roster of courses online.

Download The Ten Fundamentals to Teaching Online for Faculty and Instructors by Dr. Tony Bates, Research Associate, 37 pages, September 2016.

Download "Try This Instead of That" Recommendations when transitioning to teaching remotely (California State University's 1 page quick reference) 

FREE online mini-courses: Learn Teaching Online Basics

Here are two courses developed by higher ed for higher ed funded by federal grants. You can download the course files or take the course "in the cloud". 

  1. Designing and Teaching Online course has six (6) easy-to-review modules to cover the basics created by Tyler Junior College.
  2. Introduction to Distance Education course has five (5) easy-to-review modules created by the Kenai Peninsula College and the University of Alaska Anchorage. Includes FLASH videos so Internet Explorer browser works and Chrome browser might have problems.

Explore MERLOT's collection of FREE resources about online and hybrid course development  and online degree program development.

Virtual Labs for Online Courses

MERLOT Virtual Labs Portal   MERLOT has create a collection of free and open virtual labs across a variety of STEM disciplines that can be very effective in supporting online instruction for laboratory courses. 

Virtual Labs Teaching ePortfolios   The Virtual Labs portal also provides a collection of teaching ePortfolios by faculty implementing virtual labs and research on the effectiveness of using virtual labs. 

MERLOT non-STEM Collection of Simulations    MERLOT also has collections of simulations that can support laboratory-like experiences in non-STEM disciplines:

Arts | Business | Education | Humanities | Social SciencesWorkforce Development

Looking for Online Course Content?

MERLOT is your free and open library of free and open course content across all academic disciplines. In addition to its over 90,000 materials, it also simultaneously searches over 70 other free and open libraries as well as a dynamic, education-aligned searching of the web.

Affordable Learning Solutions from MERLOT & SkillsCommons provides a FREE and open library of training materials, virtual labs, and general education materials that you can give your students to help them learn. 

SkillsCommons is your free and open library of free and open workforce development and training resources funded by the U.S. Department of Labor. It is a national repository of workforce OER that supported over 700 community colleges creating enhancements and innovations in their workforce curriculum that is now OER available to you.

Looking Exemplary Practices for Teaching Online with OERs and other Technology Innovations?

MERLOT and SkillsCommons has openly published the "how, what, and why" of the design, delivery, and assessment of education by individuals and institutions.  Open Educational Practices enables educators to learn the "know how" of the amazingly complex processes of education.

Open Educational Practices have been captured in ePortfolios, multimedia case studies and more. Explore your colleagues' lessons learned for putting innovations into practice on the following topics:

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