In response to recent developments related to the corona virus, the IEEE Education Society in collaboration with MERLOT, has developed this website for colleagues wishing or being required to use technology in their instruction. The focus of the website is instructional technology, mainly related to higher education.

The website is organized into these sections: 

IEEE Resources: Contains resources directly relevant to the needs of higher education instructors provided through IEEE - either directly on this website, or by accessing and exploring multiple webpages on the IEEE website.  Some of the resources may require IEEE membership and/or require an access fee. Think About This: This webpage will be updated frequently to contain up-to-date miscellaneous information directly relevant to teaching online.
MERLOT Resources: Provides direct access to i) MERLOT's 100,000 learning materials repository, ii) more than 50 other related digital library, and iii) via MERLOT's proprietary Smart Search, to a limitless number of learning materials on the World Wide Web. Most of the materials available through these services are free of charge.
Participate: The sharing of knowledge and experience is key to successfully developing effective online instruction. This page provides direct access to IEEE's community tool, Collabratec. It is a free service that does not require participants to be IEEE members.
Other Resources: Resources for teaching online not provided by IEEE or MERLOT can be found here. These are  i) Free Services, ii) Free Commercial Products and Technologies, iii) information about Accessibility.

About:This page describes the relationships of the IEEE to the IEEE Education Society, and the IEEE Education Society's relationship to the California State University's MERLOT project.  


Some images on this website were provided by Unsplash - Photos for everyone, with reuse considerations similar to the CC BY license.

               No personal or user data are collected or retained at this website.