Preparing and Supporting South Park Teachers & Students for Online Learning

In response to the recent developments due to COVID-19, South Park Middle School and South Park High School in Park County, Colorado have partnered with California State University's SkillsCommons and MERLOT to create this FREE online resource hub designed to help Teachers, Students, and Families more effectively support teaching and learning online. (Read more about our partnership here.)

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Resources for Teachers

Teaching Online

Teaching Online Resources
Free courses and resources to help you effectively teach online.

Serving All Students


Best Practices in Teaching
Information and resources to help ensure accessibility for all learners.

Resources for Students

Learning Online

Learning Online Resources
Free courses and resources to help your students learn online.

Career and Technical Education

Career and Technical Education Resources

CTE Services and Resources
SkillsCommons offering free services to support workforce development and work-based learning.

Resources For Families

Family Resources and Supports 
Family oriented resources regarding online learning and COVID-19.

South Park Community

South Park Support

South Park Support
Local businesses offering support in response to COVID-19.