Free Commercial Technology Services in Response to COVID19

Leading learning experience (LX) design firm, O’Donnell Learn offers a free and open LX Design Center to help faculty engage students as they go virtual.  Includes: Going Virtual videos, faculty access to real time chats with our expert LX designers, and practical how-tos for you to use right now. All resources available for download to your institution’s support site. Learn more ...

ZOOM is providing free training materials to be successful in using its technology as people cope with working at a distance due to COVID19. Learn more...


TechSmith is helping organizations and academic institutions who are preparing for prolonged absences and/or campus closures due to COVID-19. TechSmith is offering free access and expanded usage of tools that help enable business and educational continuity through June 30, 2020 to any organization that needs it.   Learn more....


Intellectus is a single sign-on, web-based, statistics platform designed to support learning and performing statistical analyses online.   The platform enables faculty to quickly and successfully transition from their face-to-face mode to online delivery of their course.  Intellectus is offering it's platform for free to all faculty, staff, and students through the end of the semester (June 30, 2020)   Contact Intellectus and they will get you set up and ready to teach online with the personal support so you can succeed.


SoftChalk provides a premier online lesson creation and student interaction tool.  SoftChalk is offering free access to SoftChalk Cloud from now through May 31, 2020 to anyone who may need it to quickly and easily create online lessons and course materials for delivery to students.  How To Quickly Get Started With SoftChalk?  Go here to open your free account.  Get started by reviewing our Video Tutorials.  Their Support Team is ready to provide assistance as needed.

Quottly is offering a free "Course Discovery and Course Sharing" platform to colleges and universities.  The platform makes it easy for students to find online courses, and open course sections, across a college or university system or consortium.  Using the platform, colleges and universities can complement their online course inventory with online courses offered by other institutions to better enable their students to stay on track to graduate, even with the disruption created by the coronavirus pandemic.  For more information, contact

LSI is offering free use of their NetTutor® online tutoring platform (Pisces®) to put campus staff online and their online math homework/quizzing tool (Sofia™) through the spring to all schools, colleges, and universities (training, integration, and tech support included). Pisces includes scheduled or drop-in sessions, referrals, live 1:1 with queuing, live groups, asynchronous question or paper drop-off, audio, video, screen sharing, and a drawing canvas with subject-specific tools. Pisces can be used for online tutoring, classes, office hours, Supplemental Instruction, student study groups, private coaching or counseling, group workshops, and more. Sofia includes math content from basic math, through high school math, and College Algebra, plus Calc I and Elementary Stats. Send email to the LSI Partner Success team to get started.

Odigia is offering free access to their ready-to-go courseware that provides an engaging, online course experience that has been proven to help students succeed for campuses that are in immediate need.  Odigia provides simplified analytics to measure student performance while pinpointing learning gaps to improve retention and success.  Learn more....


Adobe is offering greater access to Adobe Creative Cloud desktop apps to facilitate distance learning.    Learn more about the Adobe services that are now available for free.


Flipgrid is a free, simple way to foster short video-based discussions on classroom topics. Educators, learners, and families can use Flipgrid at school or at home to stay connected and share their continued learning experiences.  Learn more.