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SkillsCommons developed a breadth of products and services to support higher education, organizations, industries, and individuals in addressing their training and professional development needs. SkillsCommons provides many products and services for free and also provides customized products and services for fees. Explore the range of product and services and see which ones might be helpful for your institution, organizations, or industry.


Open Educational Resource (OER) Repositories and Portals
Customized repositories and portals with design, development and maintenance services throughout the whole process. Choose from a number of available options for storing, managing and accessing your Open Educational Resources (OER). Learn more...

Apprenticeship/Work-Based Learning Resource Centers
Cost-effective technology and program services to support your apprenticeship program. Ranging from partnership services to customized apprenticeship and work-based learning resource centers. Learn more...

Textbook Affordability Programs
Tools and services to enable your campus to customize a proven Affordable learning Solutions (AL$) program, reducing the cost of textbooks and coarse materials. Learn more...

eAcademy Training Centers
SkillsCommons offers an array of solution-based products to support classroom instructors and industry trainers. From an interactive onboarding course for new adjuncts to hundreds of open courseware exportable for your own learning management system (LMS), SkillsCommons collections provide quick solutions to common challenges found in higher education today. Learn more...

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Training & Professional Development
Allow the SkillsCommons team of experts to provide hands-on training in the use and reuse of OER. Training can be delivered virtually or face-to-face. Your instructional designers, academic deans and chairs, and mid-level industry managers will gain confidence in leveraging OER.

Partnership Development
The SkillsCommons team brings nationally recognized expertise to help you achieve results-based performance and accountability development. Through strategic planning, innovative approaches to communication barriers, and change management tools and support. The SkillsCommons team can guide your leadership teams in successfully designing and implementing affordable learning and training solutions to meet the challenges of workforce pipeline development.

Strategic Planning for OER Initiatives
The SkillsCommons team brings a wealth of resources and experience to the table to guide the leadership of your institution/organization with careful strategic planning to assist you in launching a successful OER initiative.

Operational Support
Our concierge of OER technical assistance services works with organizations to problem solve challenges encountered in the use and reuse of OER. The SkillsCommons network of “Preferred Technical Partners”can assist you with rebranding, customizing, and revising OER. From discovery to curation to customization, our concierge of OER technical assistance services is ready to serve you.