Next Steps

Campus Commitment Toward Sustainability of QA Efforts

We plan to sustain the momentum gained via QA funding and support via a variety of on-campus partnerships and programming.  These include CTL lunches, ITS-led workshops, and other face-to-face and virtual programming.  As QM is established as the campus standard for QA efforts for online course design, development, and delivery, it will be integrated into existing faculty development efforts, including the long-running Course Design Institute (CDI).

Next Steps for QA Efforts

SDSU reached an important milestone in online course achievements during the 2019 Summer Session, when it surpassed 10,000 enrollments in its three Summer Sessions (two 6-week sessions and one 13-week session).  Continued growth in the number of courses offered and enrollments in these courses are key elements in efforts to meet the goals of the CSU Graduation Initiative 2025 (GI 2025).  In addition to increased capacity, SDSU is focused on ensuring the quality of these online course offerings.  

In 2020/2021 and in collaboration with World Campus, we plan to transition from QLT to Quality Matters as the foundation for QA efforts with respect to online course design, development, and delivery. We will focus on capacity-building activities that include “training the trainers” on Quality Matters, Canvas course design, and the utilization of the LMS’s communication and student performance analytics to help meet GI 2025 goals. We will target a cohort of 10-15 faculty members to complete the following QM training courses: (1) Applying the Quality Matters Rubric (APPQMR) course and (2) Improving Your Online Course (IYOC).  Faculty members targeted for this program are instructors in courses that meet one of two criteria: (1) courses with historically high DFW rates and (2) courses that are high-demand/bottleneck and/or high-enrollment courses. 

Specific objectives include the following:

  • Adopt a University-standard to enhance quality assurance of online courses using the nationally-recognized Quality Matters (QM) framework and peer evaluation instrument

  • Provide new pathways for faculty training and staff professional development related to the design and development of online courses and programs

  • Support campus growth and student success initiatives including GI2025 and SDSU World Campus by increasing student access to high-demand and gateway courses.