Sonoma State University 


Proposal Summary: At Sonoma State University, we proposed to do the following: Offer SSU-developed Online and Blended Teaching Excellence Program (OBTEP) course in each regular semester going forward with increased number of faculty participants; Increase state support offerings from SSU to CSU Fully Online program; and Submit formal QLT external reviews from previous OBTEP participants; 

We were able to complete the following: Complete SSU's first QLT Externally Certified Course, offer SSU's first CSU Fully Online course, maintained increased enrollments and completion of the Online and Blended Teaching Excellence Program, complete the first online offerings from the Online Proven Course Redesign Program, and initiate the development of the Canvas Design Institute (offered as a post COVID professional development opportunity with over 200 participants).

Campus Goal for Quality Assurance

The main focus of our proposal was to enhance online teaching at Sonoma State and improve online quality course offerings. Continued funding to support the OBTEP for faculty facilitation and stipends for participants is needed. Additionally, evidence of ongoing successes will foster buy-in from department leadership.  Continuing to focus on increasing quality online course offerings meets the needs of our distance and working students in our diverse service locations.

  • Continued Growth of OBTEP
  • Increase online course offerings during fall and spring semesters at SSU
  • Increase CSU Fully Online Contributions
  • Continuous engagement in QLT review process
  • Supporting the transition to remote instruction in spring 2020

Quality Assurance Lead(s)

  • Krista Altaker, PhD, MSN, RN, Associate Professor of Nursing
  • Jenn Lillig, PhD, Professor of Chemistry 
  • Kristin Denver, PsyD, Senior Instructional Designer
  • Justin Lipp PhD, Center for Teaching and Educational Technology 

Supporting Campus Partners

Center for Teaching and Educational Technology, School of International and Extended Education; Faculty Affairs, Information Technology, Disability Student Services, Provost, Current SSU Faculty and Staff subject matter experts.  

Campus Commitment Toward Sustainability of QA Efforts

  • Ongoing support for continued offerings of OBTEP
  • Graduation Initiative Support for increasing students' course accessibility, from Provost office.
  • Significant one-time funding for Canvas Design Institute (based on QLT framework)
  • Additional Instructional Design hire

Summary of Previous QA  Accomplishments

  • Completion of SSU's first QLT Externally Certified Course
  • SSU's first CSU Fully Online course submission
  • Online and Proven Course Redesign Program to create online sequences of previously in-person programs
  • Canvas Design Institute to provide evidence based practices in transitioning courses to online modality (1/3 of campus faculty)

Dissemination of QA Efforts

The OBTEP course is now a pre-requisite for new Online Proven Course Redesign Program Campus Initiative sponsored by Academic Programs and the Provost.

The Canvas Design Institute serves as a primer for the OBTEP and OPCRP programs, creating a framework for faculty professional development in online education. 

Quality Assurance Results

Spring 20186
Fall 20186
Spring 201911
Fall 20198
Spring 20207

Course Peer Review and Course Certifications

As part of the OBTEP course, faculty participants receive benefit of peer feedback during course development, and as part of Campus-based QLT internal review after course is taught.

Noelia Franzen
Kristin Denver
Krista Altaker
John Lynch (pending)

PHIL 302done
WGS 375done
ENGL 314done
THAR 203pending
ANTH 340pending
CS 355pending
LIBS 336pending
PHYS 342pending
BUS 319pending
PHIL 101pending
ARTH 210pending
BUS 320pending
COMS 240In process
COMS 301In process
AMCS 360In process
COMS 200pending
GER 210pending
PSY 230pending
LIBS 381pending
ANTH 318Complete
BUS 491Complete
COMS 202Complete

Development of Campus QA Resources

  • OBTEP Course: 
  • Online Course Design Template (available for import in Canvas Commons)
  • Canvas Design Institute (facilitated and self-paced)
  • SSU Academic Technology User Guides
  • Poster Presentation:  

Accessibility/UDL Efforts

  • Blackboard ALLY rollout
  • Canvas Accessibility Tools
  • Partnership with DSS
  • Universal Access Hub staffed by Accessibility Services Analyst position
  • UDL and Accessibility content in OBTEP, OPCRP, Canvas Design Institute
  • UDL, Accessibility, and Ally workshops offered by the Center for Teaching and Educational Technology
  • Additional Instructional Design hire and expanded Student Assistant support

Next Steps for QA Efforts 

  • Maintain and Expand OBTEP
  • Completion of first round of OPCRP
  • Continuation of Canvas Design Institute 
  • Contribute to Campus Policy Development that supports quality online teaching
  • Increase contributions to CSU Fully Online
  • ALLY rollout