Welcome to Room 22

Hi class!  My name is Mrs. Arroyo and I will be your teacher.  This is my first year teaching at ABC School and I look forward to getting to know each of you and helping you thrive in this class.  We will be conducting our classwork, homework and assessments online.  

*I am available for any questions or concerns you have throughout the year. You can reach me at:  Leticia.Arroyo@student.csulb.edu


The class technology requirements needed are internet access, a device such as a desktop, laptop, Chromebook.  A device can also be checked out through our district.  Let me know if you need help doing this.  You will need access to Microsoft Word for assignments.  All students will create an email address to be able to communicate to their peers and teacher.  A class list will be created and students can choose to include their telephone number for their peers to reach out for assistance on assignments.

Our Course Learning Outcome:

By the end of the first unit you will be able to determine two or more main ideas of a text and explain how they are supported by key details (CCSS R1.2)

Week 1:  Graphic Organizers

Objective: This week you will outline the main ideas along with supporting key details in a graphic organizer.


We will have synchronous Zoom meetings every morning at 10:00 am. You will be able to send chats to your fellow peers and teacher during our Zoom session to ask questions or make comments. During this time I will guide you through a short passage that we will discuss as a class.  You will also be able to read the passage on your own and use the audio feature to have it read to you from the website: Readworks.org 

I will guide you through how to create a graphic organizer.  We will practice this a few times as a class.  Students will be broken up into small breakout rooms to discuss the main ideas and supporting details from the passage in small groups.   Supplemental Videos: You will also watch a video on YouTube.com that is an animation showing how to find main ideas in one passage.

Practice Activities/Assignments

In ReadWorks.org :  You will choose a topic/passage of interest to you.  As we did in class, you will read and/or listen to the passage and determine the main idea(s) from the passage and list supporting key details. You are able to listen to and read the passage as many times as needed.  You will create a graphic organizer referring to the examples created in our zoom sessions.  BE CREATIVE!  You can design it however you'd like, as long as it contains two or more main ideas and supporting key details.  Make sure to include the name of the passage you chose. You will use Microsoft Word to create your graphic organizer.  Email your completed assignment to my email listed above. These daily passage readings and graphic organizer projects will be graded. There will be 3 passages assigned this week. We will critique these during our Zoom sessions. (See more information below under Self-Assessment)


Videos will have closed captioning.  Audio versions of passages along with text are included with each passage.  Passages offer a less complex version of original passages.  Vocabulary support is offered with each reading passage.  Engaging visuals are included with passages.

Learner Expectations

All students are responsible for setting aside at least 2 hours each day to complete assignments online. Students need to take charge of their learning and are responsible for reaching out to teacher or peers with any questions.  


During our Zoom time together I will show examples of graphic organizer projects I received from the class.  Everyone will self assess their graphic organizer after hearing feedback from teacher and peers.  The feedback is to improve the next graphic organizer.  

We will discuss how to critique others work (edutopia, 2016). 

1.  Treat peers with respect.  2.  Give constructive feedback and compliments.  3.  Give specific examples of what works well and what can be improved.  4.  Remember constructive feedback is not personal.

The purpose of a critique:  to learn and improve your work.

Reflective Paper

At the end of this week you will write a 1 minute paper on the most important thing you learned and what you understood the least.