Week 2 Gallery - Digital Ethics

Below are Examples, Tools and Resources shared via our recorded Week 2 Kickoff Conversations, community contributions through the AAEEBL 2020 Virtual Annual Meeting's Collaboratory, and our live Week 2 Discussions, Workshops and Showcases. We'll keep adding your ideas, so keep them coming!


Quote icon"We should respect students and realize that they may have some limitations/restrictions with the Internet. Some students are in countries where the internet is not stable or the time zone is different. This is where ePortfolio can really help. ...[My] students have assignments where they have to create a page for personal branding. We discuss digital ethics in terms of how to conduct oneself online. In addition, we also debate and discuss the First Amendment and social media." - Steven Bookman, Pace University


Visit the Open Educational Practices portal on the MERLOT website! Find and share free, open, and exemplary collections of ePortfolios along with tools, templates, and guidelines that showcase open practices in higher education.

During her Week 2 workshop, Morgan Gresham from University of South Florida - St. Petersburg shared the DEAL Model Critical Thinking Standards Table. Download a comprehensive document about the DEAL ModelĀ (the Standards Table is on p. 26)