Week 3 Gallery - Engaging Stakeholders

Below are Examples, Tools and Resources shared via our recorded Week 3 Kickoff Conversations, community contributions through the AAEEBL 2020 Virtual Annual Meeting's Collaboratory, and our live Week 3 Discussions, Workshops and Showcases. We'll keep adding your ideas, so keep them coming!


Quote icon"As someone who supports faculty and staff who teach with ePortfolio or incorporate ePortfolio into programs, I think it's important to hear concerns about online teaching and remove barriers by providing high-quality ePortfolio resources that are developed for teaching online." - Amy Powell, IUPUI




Self-enroll in the ePortfolio at IUPUI Canvas Expand site! You'll find a set of ready-to-go ePortfolio assignments and activities in Canvas that are designed for online asynchronous delivery, and that are also usable in synchronous online and in-person delivery.  Any faculty or staff member can access these resources and import them directly into their own Canvas site.