Supporting Employment Equity For Women

The National Skills Development Corporation of India has partnered with SkillsCommons and WISE Pathways to build a portal supporting employment equity for financial, economic and inclusion for women seeking sustainable employment. Here you will find FREE online training materials for institutions, organizations, industry, and individuals to advance workforce development.

Free Employability, Financial, and Economic Training Materials

Employability Skills

Supporting  Women in Sustainable Employment

WISE (Women in Sustainable Employment) Pathways is a career exploration course designed for women to explore non-traditional in-demand jobs in the energy/utilities, construction, public safety, manufacturing, information technology and transportation industries. By completing all 16 sessions of the WISE Pathways program, women have the opportunity to learn about career paths, strategies in conflict management, team building, workplace expectations, resume creation, applying online, interviewing, and connecting with recruiters. Learn more...

Soft Skills

Businesses recognize the importance of effective soft skills, or work-readiness skills. They know that ensuring employees are prepared from the moment they step into the job is critical for their organization’s success and long-term retention of new hires. Find materials in SkillsCommons that address workplace communication, interpersonal skills, timeliness, adaptability – and more. View and Download SoftSkills OER

Work-Based Learning (WBL)

Work-based learning (WBL) methods, such as apprenticeships, are educational strategies that provide students and trainees with real-life workplace experiences. Find WBL materials in SkillsCommons that address both employer and trainee needs, leading to successful work-based learning experiences. View and Download Work-Based Learning OER

Financial Literacy is the federal government's website that serves as the one-stop shop for federal financial literacy and education programs, grants and other information. is available in English and Spanish.

Financial Management Online Courses

Financial Management will provide an examination of accounting information to support managerial decision-making processes. Topics include managerial concepts and systems, various analyses for decision making, and planning and control.

Preview Online Modules: Financial Analysis |  Budgets | Financial Reports | Financial Calculations | Internal Controls
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Discover More Learning

SkillsCommons One-Stop-Shop for OER

If you are an educator/teacher/trainer and looking for free and open educational resources (OER), SkillsCommons can make it a bit easier for you to find them.  OER come in a wide variety of types. Many educators are simply looking for individual media elements to use within their courses, such as photos, graphics, videos, and audio, that are openly licensed in a way that freely permits education use. Other educators are looking for online curriculum modules to augment their courses, complete etextbooks to replace a publisher’s textbook or curriculum for the complete coursework (call open courseware). View the SkillsCommons One-Stop-Shop for OER.

Business & Entrepreneurial Courses

Be The Boss Entrepreneurial Course

In the Be the Boss – Starting Your Own Business course, you will be guided through a series of five modules that cover the key functional areas of owning a business. At the end of the course, you will be able to apply your newly acquired knowledge through the generation of your own Business Plan.

Preview Online Program: Be The Boss Entrepreneurial Course
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Business Communication Online Course

Business Communications will provide a study and application of communication within the business and professional context. Special emphasis will be given to communication competencies in presentations, dyads, teams and technologically mediated formats.

Preview Online Modules: Fundamentals of Business CommunicationOral PresentationsBusiness WritingElectronic Media

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Developmental Education Courses

Online Writing Lab

The Excelsior OWL is designed to provide support for writers as they begin the process of writing for college and as they transition to writing outside of their introductory writing classes or programs. The Excelsior OWL is unique in its multimedia support for writers. It offers a wide variety of interactive multimedia activities, quizzes, videos, and interactive PDFs – all designed to help writers understand important concepts about writing.

Preview Online Modules: Online Writing Lab

Online Reading Comprehension Lab

The first free, online, comprehensive reading lab for college-level reading. Explore the lab to learn more about the many resources we have to offer.

Preview Online Modules: Online Reading Comprehension Lab

Basic Math/Pre-Algebra

These learning modules introduce students to the fundamentals of fractions and operations with fractions along with the meaning and expression of percents and percentage, writing and solving problems with percents. Students will explore how numbers in scientific notation are used to solve scientific problems and explore real world situations. It also teaches students how to convert quantities and rates to different units of measurement.

Preview Online Modules: Basic Math/Pre-Algebra
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This course has been updated and now includes a pre-assessment that can be used to identify which modules a student needs to work on. The course provides information technology literacy and basic skills training for learners with limited experience. Course learning outcomes focus on skill development related to basic computer operations and information technology. To learn more about this course, please download a copy of the Course Overview Document.

Preview Online Modules: Basic Computer Skills MOOC
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