What is ICT? and how do I integrate it?

Learn the latest developments in information and digital literacy (aka ICT). In this tutorial, you will find out what your students need to know, and how you can help them develop their academic and lifelong ICT knowledge in light of your own academic domain.  

ICT Literacy: data and media for learning, communication, creation and identity
(Information and Communications Technology) addresses information in all formats. In today's global society, learners need to be information and digitally literate so they can find, use and communicate ideas effectively and responsibly.  

ACTIVITY 1: Reflect about ICT literacy as it impact your teaching and student learning as you watch

ACTIVITY  2: Why is ICT important? Consider the experiences of students as you watch Freshmen Studies ( and Handout Study (

Of course, ICT applies to more than the next research paper. With hybrid and online learning ICT has even more impact.  Most higher ed institutions include ICT (perhaps under other names) in general education because it is considered a life skill. ICT also helps students connect subject matter, and helps them prepare for the Real World.  It's important to explicitly address ICT in your courses; you may well be doing it already, so give your course credit for that. See your impact at

The annual Horizon Report is another good source of information about trends in educational technologies: 

ACTIVITY  3: What does it mean to be ICT literate? The Association of College and Research Libraries has developed an information literacy framework (, and the International Society for Technology in Education has technology standards (

Both organizations take a developmental approach to ICT literacy, just as writing standards are developmental. Consider: 

  • What ICT literacy is expected of incoming freshmen versus graduates?
  • What ICT literacy should be expected of all students regardless of major? 
  • What ICT literacy should be expected of majors?

ACTIVITY  4: What are you doing NOW in terms of integrating ICT literacy into your curriculum? Take a look at  Consider what concepts you teach or assume that students know in order to do your coursework.

ACTIVITY  5: What are some resources that can help you integrate ICT into the curriculum? Explore a few of the following websites, all of which are located via MERLOT:

ACTIVITY  6: The final issue is assessment (although that task should be done throughout the course). Explore this bookmark collection about ICT literacy assessment: Literacy Assessment&fromUnified=true


ICT literacy helps you and your students to rethink learning.