Explore MERLOT: a CSU collection of free and open online teaching, learning and PD services contributed and used by an international education community. See how it can enrich educational experiences.

This set of activities introduces you to MERLOT, and how to use it.

MERLOT stands for Multimedia Educational Resource for Learning and Online Teaching. It is a community-built repository of learning objects, with an emphasis on higher education resources. As a member, you can create bookmark collections, add to the collection, create materials, join learning communities, and become a speaker.


 Activity 1: Read this introduction to MERLOT. Note its content, features and navigation tools:

What content or features do you think might be useful in your instruction?


Activity 2: Explore MERLOT. Try different ways to locate learning objects (i.e., educational resources) for your curriculum.

Knowing how learning objects are contributed to MERLOT helps you understand MERLOT's structure, and facilitates locating relevant resources. Because MERLOT resources are peer-reviewed, you feel comfortable knowing they are good quality. Learn how to locate materials and members at MERLOT:

 Remember that you can also contact  speakers, especially for webinars:

AND you can search for learning objects from other repositories that MERLOT links to.

Want help in critiquing resources? Go to


Activity 3: As a MERLOT member, you can be creative. here's how to join for free:

You can:


At this point, you are ready to locate some relevant learning objects, and post them into your own bookmark collection. Here are a couple of tips: 

  • get acquainted with the category index (which is hotlinked); 
  • take advantage of limiting your search results by material type, discipline, etc.; 
  • check the ratings and bookmarks associated with promising learning objects (that can speed up your results).


Activity 4: MERLOT is also a place to voice your own expertise and share good practices. There are several learning communities and partners with which to affiliate, both by discipline and by instructional support.

Take a look at a couple of communities so see what they have to offer -- and how you can get involved.


The more you use MERLOT, the more useful you will find it.