Week Two: January 11-15 


Weekly Zoom Live Discussion


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Topic: Women's Suffrage Timeline

Time: Jan 6, 2021 01:00 PM Central Time (US and Canada)

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Week 2 Checklist

The Women's Movement Timeline

Understand Chronology: Review the infographic timeline. Describe two items on the timeline that possibly delayed women obtaining the right to vote. Select one of the women's movement's predominant figures and create a timeline of their efforts to advance women's rights. Consider including when they met another advocate, what they did with another reformer. Work in your small groups to combine everyone's work into a single group timeline. You will present your timeline in our weekly live discussion and compare others' timelines to identify any overlapping events. Do not forget to use credible sources and site them in a reference page using  APA 7th Edition.

21st-Century Skills:  Create A Timeline 

Use the invitation link to join my Canva team to create and save your timeline.  You will add this timeline to your ePortfolio.

Women's Suffrage Timeline