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MERLOT and SkillsCommons can help you get connected with technology companies that can facilitate and create a “makeover” of OER materials. Revising OER can include anything from rebranding with your institution's logo and colors to full redesigns that include high interactivity mechanisms, content, or assessment to meet course needs. Customizations and revisions add value to the OER material making it more useful for faculty and students. By taking original content (“before”) from the SkillsCommons Repository and producing something better (“after”), you will have materials that align with your institution's goals and satisfy your program’s requirements.


MERLOT Technology Partners

Learn more about MERLOT's industry partners base and tap into the expertise of technology specialists like SoftChalk, Odigia, and ODonnell Learn.

Creating more comprehensive learning experiences with OpenEd 

About ecoText:   Led by a diverse team of innovators, ecoText has partnered with MERLOT to provide HBCU faculty a user-friendly and powerful technology platform that lets faculty and students easily reuse, revise, remix, retain, and redistribute OER so they can create culturally contextualized instructional resources.  Learn more about ecoText! 

HBCU AL$ program and ecoText:   With funding from the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation,   the lead HBCU AL$ campus, Tennessee State University, will provide funding to cover the cost of HBCU AL$ campuses piloting the use of ecoText.  For the first round of projects, we will cover the cost of one course (about 30 students and the faculty) using ecoText for free. They will also receive all the technical assistance to successfully implement the technology and pedagogy. 

Getting Started:  email Joel Nkounkou ( and cc Maria Fieth ( and Effua Ampadu (  from the project team about your goals for using ecoText and the # of students you want to engage.   We will follow up with access codes and meetings to support your successful use of ecoText. 

MATH Navigator by    

About Math Navigator:  A free, online, intelligent app for your phone or computer that will generate an individualized pathway and provide highly curated, personalized suggestions to help each learner reach their math goals.

HBCU AL$ program and Math Navigator:  Incoming freshman will be more challenged in their first year college experience because of the COVID pandemic.   By many indicators, high school seniors are among the many students how lost learning opportunities and lost some skills and knowledge that they had at the start of the senior year.  Math skills are one specific area where learning was lost and the Math skill area is one of the major challenges for first year students in college.  The Affordable Learning Solutions (AL$) program will provide free access to the Math Navigator to HBCUs participating in the Hewlett funding program.  The Math Navigator is a service that is already used by millions of students around the world.  It has been developed by Gooru, a non-profit organization that has been a partner with MERLOT and SkillsCommons for the past 3 years.  

Getting Started:  You can explore the Math Navigator – FOR FREE .  Your students can use Math Navigator-FOR FREE.  Click on EXPLORE AS A GUEST, choose Student View and click on Math Navigator.     If you would like to use the Math Navigator with a full suite of services at your institution , please complete the memorandum of understanding with Gooru.

  • More info?  Phone: +1 650-331-0219    Email:

by Link-Systems International

Sofia ( is powered by the most robust algorithmic engine in the EdTech industry. Questions include hints and interactive solutions; open response answer types include expression evaluation and graphing. Randomized values offer variety and reduce ability to cheat, while all iterations measure the same difficulty level for that learning objective. Sofia includes over 12,000 algorithmic assessment items spanning Basic Math through Calculus, plus Statistics. This enables institutions to support math across their curriculum—including traditional and online courses, summer bridge, accelerated and co-requisite courses, CBE, and math refreshers for other disciplines/pathways.

Sofia extends math/quantitative literacy beyond LMS functionality without dependence on expensive text-specific tools. Using Sofia for math assignments gives faculty and instructional designers freedom of curricular choice (including the opportunity to embrace OER, especially open textbooks) without having to rebuild all of the assignments. To students, a Sofia assignment looks like every other assignment—they see it in their calendar, assignments, and gradebook. Sofia’s LTI integration is simple for administrators to install and maintain.

Sofia is priced significantly lower than math homework platforms available from other learning companies and publishers. At only $20 per student, per semester or $30 per student for an academic school year, Sofia provides an innovative math homework and assessment platform at an exceptionally low cost.

For more information and to request a demonstration of Sophia, contact:

Vincent Forese , CEO of Link-Systems International  1 (813) 629-4422

SkillsCommons Technology Partners

Connect with SkillsCommons technology specialists like Focus EduVation and Microburst Learning who can help you create high quality OER to add to your institution's collection.