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Purpose: to help other instructors teaching the same course

Common Course ID: [Course name/number]
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Abstract: This open textbook is being utilized in a [discipline] course for undergraduate or graduate students by [Instructor's name] at [Educational Institution name]. The open textbook provides [brief description of highlights and any instructor supplements]. The main motivation to adopt an open textbook was [supply reason]. Most student access the open textbook in [format and/or access method].

About the Course

Course Title and Number
Brief Description of course highlights:  Give description of course utilizing the course catalog at the educational institution if available.

Student population:
Learning or student outcomes: 
 List student learning outcomes for the course. Share demographics for students who take the class e.g. common majors, previous preparation, etc.

Key challenges faced and how resolved: Syllabus and/or Sample assignment from the course or the adoption [optional]: To illustrates how the open textbook is used in the course.

About the Resource/Textbook 

Textbook or OER/Low cost Title: 

Brief Description: Provide a brief description of the textbook, OER or Low Cost option, including anything relevant to your choice.
Student access:  For example: course management system, external server or OER repository such as MERLOT or OpenStax Cnx, printed text from bookstore or online printing service, mobile device.

Supplemental resources: List resources including online homework systems, interactive study guides for students, and faculty-only resources such as solutions and slides that are available.

Cost Savings:
License: Specify if material is copyrighted or openly licensed and what that is..

OER/Low Cost Adoption

OER/Low Cost Adoption Process

Provide an explanation or what motivated you to use this textbook or OER/Low Cost option. For example: save students money, improve the learning materials, or customize materials for special needs, etc.

How did you find and select the open textbook for this course? For example: consulted librarians, other faculty, browsed OER sites, read peer reviews, evaluated resources, other?

Sharing Best Practices: The sustainability of open education relies on sharing with others. Please give suggestions for faculty who are just getting started with OER or Low Cost options.  List anything you wish that you had known earlier.

About the Instructor

Instructor Name 
Please provide your name including title, institution. I am a [discipline] professor at the [Educational Institution]. I teach [list all courses that you regularly teach].

Please provide a link to your university page.
Please describe the courses you teach.
Describe your teaching philosophy and any research interests related to your discipline or teaching.
Please attach a photo of you (or link to where it appears)