Contemporary Issues in Child Health

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Common Course ID: Contemporary Issues in Child Health (PUBH358)
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About the Course

Contemporary Issues in Child Health (PUBH358)

Brief Description of course highlights:  

PUBH358- Contemporary Issues in Child Health- a Major Course (elective)

Overview of common causes of, interrelationships between, and prevention of morbidity and mortality among children and youth; preventive and promotive health concepts and practices; connections between health and learning are explored.

This is an upper-level elective course for Public Health majors that only non-freshmen can enroll in, most students are juniors and seniors.  

Prerequisite: non-freshman; completion of G.E. Category A.1 or A.2.

Key challenges faced and how resolved: Syllabus and/or Sample assignment from the course or the adoption [optional]: 

Finding zero-cost replacements that covered the same breadth of information as the previous textbook and at an appropriate level.

About the Resource/Textbook 

Student access:  

Learning management system, Canvas with an added module for Leganto Course Reading Lists

Cost Savings:

64 students currently enrolled in each section, and the previous textbook MSRP is $153.32, for a total savings of $9812.48.

OER/Low Cost Adoption

OER/Low Cost Adoption Process

Provide an explanation or what motivated you to use this textbook or OER/Low Cost option. 

Course textbook was too expensive for an elective course, and looking for more current information on the topic.

How did you find and select the open textbook for this course? 

Consulted with the Public Health librarian and the Open Educational Resources librarian. 

What did you change as part of the OER adoption?


Describe effects on teaching and learning that resulted from adopting OER

Course is currently running. 

Student Feedback or Participation

Course is currently running. 

Sharing Best Practices: 

The sustainability of open education relies on sharing with others.  Please give suggestions for faculty who are just getting started with OER.  List anything you wish that you had known earlier.

How do you plan to share this OER experience with other faculty, staff, etc. who develop curriculum and teach?

About the Instructor

Bo Young Park
Assistant Professor, Public Health

California State University Fullerton