20/2021 Humboldt State University, Course Transformation Institute

The Center for Teaching and Learning's (CTL) goal is to support high quality online/blended instruction that improves students’ academic success and timely progress to graduation through a broad organizational approach that embeds quality assurance (QA) into our campus culture. The CTL has helped guide this work to better integrate faculty development, technology, and disciplinary thinking in alignment with QA efforts, GI2025, and HSU’s strategic plan. Associated programming guides the design of course structures, artifacts, and pedagogy informed by the Quality Learning and Teaching (QLT) instrument, which we have modified to include culturally responsive practices.

Goal of the Course Transformation Institute

The CTL’s Course Transformation Institute (CTI) is an annual program that supports instructors in re-imagining teaching and students’ learning through evidence-based practices and the opportunity to engage with colleagues to design significant student learning experiences.  

The focus of the 2021 CTI was aimed at supporting disciplinary-based groups as they transform their identified courses to further a department or program level goal. Each disciplinary-based group examined fundamental course structures while uncovering big ideas and essential questions, explicated the student-thinking goals, and developed an implementation plan to guide their projects to completion. An emphasis was placed on developing learning experiences in online courses AND in highly flexible instructional contexts where students move between learning modalities within a course (face-to-face, online, blended, asynchronous, synchronous, etc.) to further institutional and program level goals.

CTI Outcomes:

  • Develop a project proposal
  • Develop a project plan
  • Complete your project
  • Share your projects at the CTL 3rd Annual Teaching Excellence Symposium in Fall 2021

Course Transformation Showcase

Forty-three faculty across nine departments participated in transforming courses in a disciplinary-based teams. Upon completion of their projects, teams presented their work at the spring CTI Presentation session, where colleagues across teams provided feedback. Final projects have been shared publicly in the Course Transformation Institute 2021 Showcase.

Course Transformation Institute Showcase homepage with 10 disciplinary team projects



Quality Assurance Team

  • Taylor Bloedon, QA Faculty Lead
  • Enoch Hale, QA Co-facilitator
  • Kim Vincent-Layton, QA Co-facilitator, QA Campus Coordinator

Campus Partners

  • Center for Teaching and Learning Team
  • Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
  • College Deans
  • Department Chairs

Campus Commitment Toward Sustainability of QA Efforts

  • Creating a QLT culture through highly integrated CTL programming, consultations, and expanded resources

  • Creating policy and processes to further efforts through the successful adoption of a revised elearning policy

  • Collaboration with the Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, and Academic Personnel Services to create an
    Instructional Observation Guide for online teaching evaluations with a diversity, equity, and inclusion lens

  • Participation in the CSU Quality Assurance Professional Learning Community

  • Educator submissions to QuARRY

Summary of Previous QA Accomplishments

  • QLT Self-Reviews and Peer Reviews
  • Creation of a public Pivot to Online Teaching Showcase of educator practices, resources, assessments
  • Trained 18 faculty QLT Peer Reviewers and launched a QLT Peer Review Campus Team
  • Revised eLearning policy
  • Keep Teaching and Keep Learning web resources during pandemic
  • Launched a Professional Development Hub in Canvas to support live workshops and 24/7 self-paced learning modules for faculty pivoting to online

Dissemination of QA Efforts

Quality Assurance Results

Professional Development Completions

  • Course Transformation Institute - 43 faculty participants (10 disciplinary teams) across nine academic departments
  • QLT Peer Review Team - 18 faculty across disciplines
  • QLT Self and Peer Reviews 20/21 - 89 courses

Development of QA Campus Resources

  • Updates to the HSU Inclusive Teaching Guide 

  • Updates to the HSU QLT Guide

  • Creation of a QLT Peer Review GoogleSite

  • Creation of an Accessibility at HSU self-paced learning module

HSU has a deep commitment to meeting the needs of all our students. Through broad programming and intentional efforts, the CTL has made inclusive design a cornerstone of our work.

  • Universal Design and Ally Campus Orientation & Training Sessions (partnership with CTL, Student Disability Resources Center, Accessible Resources Center)

  • Ally in All Courses

  • Applying Universal/Inclusive Design Through CTL Programming and Consultations

  • CTL Faculty Learning Community on Inclusive Teaching 

  • Creation and dissemination of Course Equity Ratio Report 

Next Steps for QA Efforts at HSU

As HSU continues to fold QA efforts into programming and services, our next steps include:

  • Increase participation in QLT Self and Peer Reviews

  • Analyze campus QA Program Participation Data in Relation to Course Student Success Data 

  • Continue CTL Inclusive and Anti-Racist Teaching Programming

  • Create a Collective Vision for Online at HSU in Collaboration with Partners

  • Continue Institutional Partnerships Focused on Promoting Exemplary Online Teaching and Learning

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