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Instructor Open Textbook Adoption ePortfolio

Abstract: This open textbook has been adopted in a [DISCIPLINE] course for [UNDERGRADUATE/GRADUATE]  students by [NAME OF INSTRUCTOR] at the HBCU [NAME OF YOUR INSTITUTION]. The open textbook provides [brief description of highlights and any instructor supplements]. The main motivation to adopt an open textbook was [supply reason]. Most student access the open textbook in [format and/or access method].

About the Textbook

Textbook Title: [linked to table of contents or website]

Description: Provide a brief description of the textbook including concepts, pedagogical approach, problem sets, and overall structure including publisher platform features.

Authors: [Author name(s), Educational institution(s)]

Formats: List formats available including PDF, web, ePub, bookshare, etc. Link to any publisher information including print copy availability.

Supplemental resources: List resources including other OER resources, free library materials, online homework systems, interactive study guides for students, and faculty-only resources such as solutions and slides that are available. [Link to information if available]

Cost savings: Specify potential cost savings to students from adopting an open textbook instead of the traditional publisher textbook previously used. The estimated cost of previous course materials was $XXX and the current estimated cost is $0.

Accessibility  statement: Specify any accessibility information known about the different formats of the textbook. Link to open textbook accessibility statement and/or  your campus' accessibility information if available.

HBCU-centric statement: Brief statement about how the open textbook aligns with your HBCU's values.

License: Specify the creative commons license that the textbook was published under and link to the license description on the creative commons site.

About the Course

Course Number: Name

Description:  Give description of course utilizing the course catalog at the educational institution if available.

Prerequisites: [courses, test scores] 

Learning outcomes:   List student learning outcomes for the course. Share demographics for students who take the class e.g. common majors, previous preparation, etc.

Curricular changes:Explain any curricular changes made to the course as a result of the open textbook adoption.

My Observations About the IMPACT of using FREE and OPEN EDUCATIONAL RESOURCES:

I have collaborated more with other faculty about the resources used in my course : Yes/No
I used wider range of teaching materials in my course: Yes/No
I believe that student learning improved with the use of the free and open educational resources : Yes/No/Unsure
I believe student retention improved : Yes/No/Unsure
Any unexpected results? Please Describe

Address any impacts that need a fuller explanation here.

Share Your Syllabus and/or Sample assignment:

Link or upload your syllabus and/or sample assignment that illustrates how the open textbook is used in the course. For a sample assignment, please Include the rubric that is used for evaluating student work.

Textbook Adoption

OER Adoption Process

Describe your  motivations for adopting the open textbook e.g. saving students money, better control over instructional materials, ability to customize for students needs, etc.

Describe how you  used to additional Free and Open Educational Resources to supplement the textbook.  

Institutional Support for OER:  Describe how your campus supported (or not) your adoption of OER in your course.

Student access: Describe the different ways that students can access the textbook including print if available. Did you add the PDF or other format as a resource in your Learning Management System?

Student feedback about using OER:  Share any feedback from students regarding usage of the open textbook. If students participate in open textbook development or formal review, describe here.  Faculty often post  a short survey in the LMS.  

Link or upload to student survey results or other student outcome reports here.

Instructor Name [linked to faculty website]

I am a [discipline] professor at the [Educational Institution]. I teach [list all courses that you regularly teach].

Describe your teaching philosophy and any research interests related to your discipline or teaching.

About the HBCU Affordable Learning Solutions  (AL$) Program:  SUSLA is a lead campus in designing and deploying an institutional strategy to reduce the cost of course materials , making the education at HBCUs more affordable.