Learning Goals

Food & Nutrition Learning Goals
Description of Accomplishments That Met Goals
  • Evaluate the role of nutrition in optimizing health throughout the lifecycle and respond to harmful nutrition practices.
Have a general understanding of the nutritional requirements and preventative measures to maintain optimal health throughout the lifecycle. Can identify special concerns within different stages of life and the appropriate interventions.  

  • Demonstrate knowledge of nutrition as it applies to food service, dietetics, and wellness.
Have a basic knowledge of key players as it pertains to food service, dietetics, and wellness through Nutr 203.
  • Demonstrate the knowledge and ability to apply management principles to nutrition and food service.

  • Present and evaluate food and nutrition education programs to a variety of audiences.
Starting to build a fundamental knowledge of creating and presenting nutrition plans through Nutr 376 and Nutr 396.
  • Assess the role that behavior, economics, and dietary supplements have on planning and eating healthy diets.

  • Demonstrate basic food preparation and presentation skills.

  • Apply food science knowledge.

  • Demonstrate problem-solving skills in food service, dietetics, and wellness.