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Welcome to the Business Portal for MERLOT. The Business Editorial Board strives to provide valuable resources to help in your business teaching career. While our focus is on accounting, economics, management, and marketing, we provide materials for other business disciplines as well. 

Please join MERLOT and contribute to this growing community of business instructors by using the resources, submitting your own materials and assignments for evaluation, and sharing ideas to help you teach online and in the classroom. We also invite you to become a Business Peer Reviewer. 

The members of the Business Editorial Board include:

The honorary members of the Business Editorial Board include:

  • Stephen Baglione – St. Leo 
  • Amy Beall – Long Beach City
  • Lucinda Blue – Johnson C Smith
  • Rebecca Bogie – LSU Shreveport
  • Joni Charles – Texas State
  • Wendy Freckleton – Northern Caribbean
  • Tiffany Hine – Blue Ridge CC
  • Anohar John – Higher Ed
  • Paula Jordan – National Louis
  • Vianka Miranda – N.W. State
  • Jennifer Malarski – Minneapolis CC
  • Mark T.L. Pillal – Marksman C.
  • Mina Richards – Cal State LA
  • Mike Seda – Pfeiffer University
  • Beth Sindaco – Florida Atlantic
  • Charles White – CSU Fullerton
  • Juanita Woods – Univ. No. Georgia

If you have any questions about MERLOT, Business with MERLOT or the Business Portal, please contact Cathy Swift. We welcome your opinion. 


2022 Business Classic Award

The winner of the 2022 Business Classic Award is the OER Textbook, Leading with Cultural Intelligence, by Mai Moua, Leadership Paradigms, Inc. The Peer Reviewers had this to say about the book: The focus in this e-book is on leadership and management, and the focus is to help readers apply cultural intelligence to any cultural situation. This is not an academic book, but it is based on Peter Drucker’s concept that we are in an “age of social transformation,” this requires us to reflect differently about how we resolve intercultural and social conflicts and the implications of our actions. A model of cultural intelligence based on research is presented.  

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