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Welcome  – From the Editor

Welcome to the Business Portal for MERLOT. The Business Editorial Board strives to provide valuable resources to help in your business teaching career. While our focus is on accounting, economics, management, and marketing, we provide materials for other business disciplines as well. 

Please join MERLOT and contribute to this growing community of business instructors by using the resources, submitting your own materials and assignments for evaluation, and sharing ideas to help you teach online and in the classroom. We also invite you to become a Business Peer Reviewer.  Our board uses the MERLOT Peer Reviewer Form to evaluate teaching modules.   

The members of the Business Editorial Board include:

Cathy Swift, Editor
Diane Bandow, Associate Editor of Management
Michelle Kunz, Associate Editor of Marketing
Susan Moncada, Associate Editor of Accounting
Theresa B. Clarke, Peer Reviewer and Business Portal Editor
Sunita Kumari, Peer Reviewer

The honorary members of the Business Editorial Board include:

  • Julie Bonner
  • Carol Jessup
  • Jeanette Landin
  • Lisa Lindgren
  • Melissa Malabad
  • Thomas Moncada
  • Brenda Perea
  • Joe Perez
  • Mark T.R. Pillai
  • Mike Pouraryan
  • Michael Seda
  • Melissa Williams
  • Jo Yudess

If you have any questions about MERLOT, Business with MERLOT or the Business Portal, please contact Cathy Swift or Theresa Clarke.  We welcome your opinion.




Congratulations to Cathy Swift and the Business Editorial Board for winning the 2017 MERLOT House Cup.  The MERLOT House Cup is an award to recognize the level of contributions made to the MERLOT collection during an academic year.  Contributions include Materials Triaged, Individual Peer Reviews, Composite Peer Reviews, Member Comments and Learning Materials contributed to the collection. The MERLOT House Cup is awarded at the MERLOT/OLC Innovate Conference each year. Editorial Board Members will take turns in displaying the award in their offices.   The Business Editorial Board contributed 409 editor reviews, 204 individual reviews, 123 composite reviews, added 104 materials to MERLOT and contributed 59 comments on materials. 

The 2017 Business Classic winner is Theresa Clarke.  The award is granted to honor the authors and developers of these resources for their contributions to the academic community. Every year each of the MERLOT Editorial Boards is able to select an outstanding resource from its discipline to receive the MERLOT Classics Award. MERLOT considers this learning material an exemplary online learning resource and it is now recognized as so on the MERLOT website listing.  The 2017 MERLOT Business Classics Award was   Paid Search (PPC) Using Google by Theresa Clarke. The material can be found at:   The MERLOT Business Editorial Board has this to say about the Learning Material:

This is a very detailed assignment that has students create, monitor, and adjust a Google AdWords campaign for two landing pages. Students must adhere to a budget and maximize results. The assignment is very comprehensive, and provides students the opportunity to gain skills in web advertising. There are many practical applications, and in fact the author suggests students have a personal site that they want to use for the assignment.


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