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The Accessibility Assembly advances the American Library Association's commitment to diversity and to accessibility of... see more

Indigenous peoples around the world find themselves locked in power struggles with dominant states and transnational... see more

This is a pilot project to explore the efficacy of Pressbooks toward the creation of e-books to deaf learners. The... see more

South African History Online (SAHO), established 1998, is one of the largest and most comprehensive online, open access... see more

Teaching English has traditionally been associated with a mono-lingual bias and the exclusive use of English in the... see more

This template allows educators to create online assignments that are equitable and inclusive.

From the website: "Teach Access is an active collaboration among education, industry, and disability advocacy... see more

This report assesses what pedagogical resources are in actual use by educators in Minnesota’s elementary and secondary... see more

Ukraine has become a popular choice for African students, who now account for nearly a quarter of the more than 76,000... see more

Thousands of African immigrants joining throngs of Ukrainians trying to flee the country say they face red tape and... see more

Thousands of Black Ukrainians are in peril. The nation's only Afro Ukrainian lawmaker is calling on his countrymen to... see more

The Russian invasion of Ukraine shows racism has no boundaries as Ukrainian refugees of African descent are being turned... see more

Every day, teachers make thousands of decisions: what content to teach, what activities to assign, who to call on, how to... see more

This new 8-page resource guide, by astronomer/educator Andrew Fraknoi, includes written and video resources about and by... see more

Learn how to promote civic engagement at the local level

Partner Only Material

When Fortnite held their inaugural World Cup Solo tournament in July of 2019 and the 16-year-old @Bugha, took home the $3... see more

One only has to turn on the television to view a plethora of stereotypes about people based on gender, race, religion,... see more

Inclusion doesn't just mean throwing disabled students into general education classrooms without support, writes... see more

The User-friendly Classroom video training series was created specifically for teaching assistants for whom English is a... see more

This "how-to" guide provides an overview and demonstration of VidReader, an accessibility app that generates English... see more

The child-friendly school (CFS) model has emerged as UNICEF's signature means to advocate for and promote quality... see more

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Advocacy for Adjuncts is essential for the well-being of the whole institution. Listen in as Teresa Focarile of Boise... see more