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This site offers modules focusing on different aspects of psychology. The authors described it this way, "This site is... see more

The Muller-Lyer illusion falls into the class of distortion illusions, specifically, this illusion distorts perception of... see more

Edited by Jane Halonen and Stephen Davis, this "e-book" is sponsored by the Society for the Teaching of Psychology. Its... see more

According to OER Commons, "This book (The Psychology of Emotions, Feelings and Thoughts) puts forth the idea that life is... see more

Color mixing with additive or subtractive simulations

On-line experiment uses 2-interval forced-choice "staircase" technique to determine contrast detection thresholds for... see more

Sound gets into our brains and processed so quickly that it shapes all other perceptions, says neuroscientist Seth... see more

Khan Academy video tutorial series on sound and audition. Includes 4 videos relevant to an introduction to auditory... see more

Khan Academy video tutorial series on taste and smell. Includes 3 videos relevant to an introduction to sensation... see more

Khan Academy video tutorial series on the nervous system. Includes 7 videos relevant to an introduction to sight/vision... see more

A collection of Flash animations that illustrate the following examples of lightness perception and lightness illusion... see more

The nature of human identity - how we think of ourselves, how we perceive others - is a mutable concept, changing with... see more

Tutorials and other resource material from the Cognition Laboratory section of the Human-Automation Integration Research... see more

In this segment of Secrets of the Mind, Dr. Vilayanur Ramachandran explains his research on why phantom limb pain occurs.... see more

This demonstration allows you to test yourself in the change-blindness paradigm. Your task is to find the change between... see more

This site included alot of informative information. It was mostly text that explained the definition of Split brain... see more

This site offers a game of Jeopardy with answers relating to sensation and perception.

"Here is a small collection of tutorials and demonstrations related to our senses. Choose a topic and have fun." John H.... see more

Some things in life cause people to feel, these are called emotional reactions. Some things in life cause people to... see more

Interactive demonstrations with explanations that illustrate different aspects of the functioning of the nervous system.

Excellent information and simulations related to Cochlear fluids

CogniFit brain games provide practice in Memory, Perception, Reasoning, Coordination, and Attention. You can play without... see more