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An online activity center for exploring the effects of gravity.

In this demonstration, learners watch as a device drops a ball into a cup without touching the ball or cup, even though... see more

This activity from the Exploratorium provides a technique for determining the center of gravity of a long, thin object... see more

This animations created with 3D Flash Engine, simulation show gravity physics example.

In this demonstration, amaze learners by performing simple tricks using mirrors. These tricks take advantage of how a... see more

'G allows you to quickly experiment the effects of the Universal Gravitation by adding bodies into a simulation, seeing... see more

In this nanoscience activity, learners discover that it's easy to pour water out of a regular-sized cup, but not out of a... see more

Great site that discusses the effects of gravity and the lack thereof in outer space. Informative article. Look for my... see more

This is a home work problem shown in many Fundamental Physics textbooks . How to stack four uniform blocks on top of a... see more

This fun and simple hands-on astronomy activity lets learners imagine what would happen if our Sun were replaced with a... see more

This activity is a computer lab activity in which students use Microsoft Excel to create a spreadsheet capable of... see more

Visual demonstration (with vectors) of circular, eliptical, escaping, and falling orbits.

This physics activity is a projectile motion / gravity investigation where students drop and shoot (horizontally) soft... see more

The Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment (GRACE) mission uses twin satellites to make detailed measurements of Earth's... see more

Describes what free fall and the acceleration of gravity are. (The acceleration due to gravity is approximated in this... see more

This site contains a blog about a flight aboard NASA's reduced gravity parabolic aircraft, also known as the Vomit Comet.... see more

In this physics interactive lecture demonstration, students will investigate the effects of acceleration due to gravity... see more

An interactive website where students can study and experience what scientists have learned about black holes.

This highly interactive Exploriment iPad App lets you explore the effect of gravity on weight and mass on different... see more

This is a nice start for a discussion on gravity. Use the links and explore.

'Isaac Newton’s Gravity HD offers 7 free levels to challenge you. Upgrade to the full version for the complete Gravity... see more

Gravity Probe B is the relativity gyroscope experiment being developed by NASA and Stanford University to test two... see more