Learning Exercise

Goldberg Variations: Module 9

Listening to the 14 canons of the Addendum to the Goldberg Variations: last listening module (of three).


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  1. Go to the following URL and scroll down to Module 9: http://bach.nau.edu/goldberg/gbSCHOOL.html.
  2. Listen to the movements listed under TOPICS (below).


The Fourteen Canons of BWV 1887

  • canons 1-4: simple combinations using inversion and retrogradation
  • canon 5: double canon in contrary motion
  • canon 6: mirror canon above the ground
  • canon 7: canon in contrary motion above the ground
  • canon 8: mirror canon framing the ground
  • canon 9: simple canon with separation of a sixteenth rest
  • canon 10: counterpoint above the ground with its melodic inversion (evolutio)¬†
  • canon 11: double canon in contrary motion above the ground
  • canon 12:¬†double canon in contrary motion, above the ground, involving rhythmic augmentation
  • canon 13: triple canon in contrary motion with one canon leader being the ground
  • canon 14: canon in contrary motion with rhythmic augmentation


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