Learning Exercise

Goldberg Variations: Module 5

Interactive exploration of the Bach monogram


"Bach to School" is open-content curriculum that threads its way through four summative works of J. S. Bach.  Designed... see more


  1. Go to the following URL and scroll down to Module 5: http://bach.nau.edu/goldberg/gbSCHOOL.html.
  2. Hover over the Monogram then over the perimeter of the circle.  Together they present a table of facts, but instead of rows and columns there are two concentric circles.


The monogram represents genres and forms in the Goldberg Variations and the perimeter of the circle represents each variation.  The two are calibrated to each other.  Click each topic and read:

  • The meaning of Bach's monogram
  • Fugue vs. canon
  • Major mode vs. minor
  • Metrical variation in the Goldbergs
  • Character vs. virtuoso pieces
  • Conjunct vs. disjunct melodies
  • Imitative counterpoint vs. high-voice melody domination
  • Trio sonata vs. duo pieces
  • The sarabande and other dances
  • How each variation demonstrates various combinations of the above


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