Learning Exercise

Dual coding culture

What can you gather about a culture from its imagery? How does text add meaning to visuals? This learning activity explores the meaning found in Japanese woodprints.


This visual literacy exercise presents an artistic interpretation of historical Japanese landscapes, and helps users... see more


What can you learn about cultural history by looking at that culture's images? Hwo does text inform imagery?

Follow the visual exercise of analyzing Japanese woodprints at http://stielwlrbhs.weebly.com/japanese-woodblock-prints-visual-literacy-exercise.html. Write down your responses to all the questions/prompts in the exercise.



Technical Notes

Access to the Internet


A written or word-processed document that includes the answers/responses to all the questions/prompts in the visual exercise


Visual literacy

Japanese art and culture

Learning Objectives

Identify visual cues about Japanese culture and history.

Recognize the role of text and image in gaining meaning about Japanese culture and history.

Make make inferences from observed data and to form hypotheses/ questins that can be tested by reference to visual and written evidence.



Clear, complete, feasible, and justified answers/responses to the exercise questions/promopts