Learning Exercise

Analyzing Infographics

This learning activity helps students analyze infographics, and apply their findings to generate their own infographic.


This collection displays forty beautiful and educational infographics, displaying the uncommon spectacle of "art meets... see more


This website showcases effective infographics.

1. Choose two infographics, and compare them using the following rubric: http://www.schrockguide.net/uploads/3/9/2/2/392267/schrock_infographic_rubric.pdf Explain how you came to conclusions for each criterion.  Consider how effective each infographic would be if it used each other's visual approach. 

2. Choose a topioc for an infographic, and storyboard it using a digital drawing or infographic tool. State how the analysis informs your content, layout, visualization, and design decisions. 

Technical Notes

Internet connectivity, online drawing or infographic tool


Written comparison of 2 infographics

Digital storyboard of an original infographic



Visual literacy

ICT literacy

Learning Objectives

Analyze an infographic; rconceptualize an infographic; apply infographic principles to generate an original infographic using digital tools


Written comparison of 2 infographics: thoroughness, evidence of comparison interpretation and application, use of rubric

Digital storyboard of an original infographic: appropriateness quality of visualizationof identified information, rationale of decisions