Learning Exercise

A Kinder Jail Population

 The students will discusss the ways a jail population can be made less violent and more respectful.  The students will come up with ideas based in their readuings and their notes.


The Jail Inferno, by Heather MacDonald and published in the City Journal, provides a unique view of American jails and... see more


 The students will work in groups of five or less and work toward coming up with ideas of how to reduce jail violence. The students will also expalin why the idea they came up with will make  the jail a better place for the inmates and the people that work there.


 Each Group must come with an Idea and an explanation of that ideas worth.


 Reduction of Vilolence

 Resonable Value System

 Modeling Good Behavior

Type of Task

Learning Objectives

 knowing different ways to run a jail in a productice way.


 The students should be able to identify and explain at least three ways to curb violence in the jail.