Learning Exercise

Japanese School Uniform Dictation

Use this exercise to encourage your students' learning while watching the Japanese School Uniform video.


This video introduces Japan's school uniform culture. Use the learning exercise (dictation) to enhance your EFL/ESL... see more



These girls in Tokyo’s Harajuku neighborhood look like they’re on their way to class. They’re ____________ ____________ ____________, or “seifuku.” But, it’s not a weekday, it’s Saturday.   Reporter: “Is this your school uniform?” Girls: “It’s a pretend uniform.” Girl1: “I’m not wearing the one for school.” Girl2: “This is something I picked out on my own.”   These pretend uniforms have no affiliation with any particular school. It’s functional clothing that’s become fashionable. Girls who like to mark themselves as a school girl are putting their own twist on tradition--wearing the outfits on weekends, or to go out.   Anna Ishino has picked up on the trend. The high school senior says it’s much more fashionable than her other option.   Anna: “My actual school uniform is not very _________ so I wanted to _________ _________ ___________.”   This is her mandatory school uniform. It includes a long ___________, ______, and __________ ________. Compare that to the pretend uniform wardrobe she’s built up by trading with friends and buying online. She’s collected more than 10 pieces allowing her to create different combinations by mixing and matching.   Anna; “I fold it like this….”   She rolls her skirt five times, brings down her cardigan….   Anna: “…and I’m done!”   The girls find inspiration from magazines, popular music groups, and cartoon characters.   Brian: “Within these boundaries, how far can I push it? How _______________ can I be? How expressive can I be? So uniforms _____________ ____ _______ for school girls to show-.. to kind of ________ ______ their own ______________, and to show-.. to _______ ____ their own ______________, or their own confidence, or their own strength even.”   Now the world wants to get in on the seifuku trend. Japanese uniform companies have created English websites to cater to their growing number of foreign customers. They’ve even taken their iconic seifuku fashion line from the streets of Harajuku to the runways in Shanyang, China.   Toyoko: “We are proud that seifuku fashion came out of Japan. It’s ____________ and _______. I hope it spreads to the world.”   It’s a trend high school senior Anna Ishino will continue to follow, but only for the near future.   Anna: “I only get three years for my high school experience. I want to show everyone I’m a school girl. __________ _______ ____ ________ _______ ___________ ______.”   Many believe that seifuku is a ___________ _____ _______________ ___________, so Ishino will forgo her pretend uniforms when she graduates and pass them down to her younger friends. She hopes the next generation will experience the same glamorous school girl lifestyle and carry on the tradition.