Learning Exercise

Mandatory assignments in SPO1510

One Course – Six assignments 

Three Social Media Tools   

Seven Games


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The following mandatory assignments have to be performed by the individual student:

  1. Create a Twitter Account, then

    a) Follow video games suppliers, developers, gamers, some or all of your fellow students, and the lecturer.
    b) Discuss with others and/or tweet your opinion about video games. As soon as you have created your Twitter profile, place the link to it in the Fronter forum so that your fellow students (and the lecturer) may follow you.

    Aim: Learn to use Twitter as a tool for professional activity.

  2. Create a "newspaper" via Paper.li based on your twitter account and the tweets that you and those you follow have made. Set your Paper.li to send twitter messages containing the latest edition of your Paper.li newspaper.

    Aim: Understanding how various social media can be joined to develop a professional product.

  3. Create a SoundCloud profile and follow some or all of your fellow students SoundCloud profiles. Place the link to your SoundCloud profile in the Fronter forum so that your fellow students (and the lecturer) may follow you.

  4. Write a short essay on ethics and computer games (minimum 5 pages, maximum 10 pages). See special instructions next page as for question and how to do this assignment.

  5. Upload one recording of yourself to your SoundCloud profile, talking about your favourite computer game and how it may, or may not be played according to ethical theories. Make it publicly available so that your fellow students and the lecturer may listen to it.

  6. Make one recorded review of a computer game of your own choosing and upload it to your SoundCloud.


Specific instructions for mandatory assignment 4 – short essay

WHAT are you going to do?
This assignment is meant to make you think about ethics. You will assess the following video games (version does not matter. It may be the latest version, or the first version) – ie. either  play them or read reviews, look at walk through movies on YouTube etc.

THE games you are to assess

  • Manhunt
  • Walking Dead
  • Counter Strike
  • Lara Croft Tomb Raider 
  • Call of Duty Modern Warfare
  • Watch dogs
  • Deus Ex

THE questions

  1. What ethical theories can be followed or not followed in the video games that are covered by this assignment?

  2. The Geneva Convention gives some guidelines in relation to acts of war . Is it possible to follow this convention, and win, playing military FPS as Call of Duty and Counter Strike? Use your own experience from playing military FPS and/or “Playing by the Rules: Applying International Humanitarian Law to Video and Computer Games”, by Frida Castillo as background for your views.

HOW the assignment should be answered and delivered
The assignment is to be solved individually and your result formulated according to the guidelines for written work. Deliver your essay for guidance in pdf format no later than 4 weeks from the time you got this assignment, by uploading it to the deliverance folder in Fronter. If you have the opportunity to play the games, either in its entirety or as a demo, you write from practical experience. If you by some reason cannot test the games, you must find as good descriptions and reviews and walkthrough videos of games as possible so that you can form an opinion of the games in relation to the question.


Use of Social Media, Ethics, Gaming Culture

Learning Objectives

  1. Professional use of Social Media
  2. Awareness of ethical questions


Portfolio assessment.