Learning Exercise

Mobile App Toolkit

For my project at Open University I am creating a mobile app toolkit for study online using a mobile or tablet. Due to their reduced operating functionality apps for study require some familiarisation and many distance learners or returners are not familiar with these types of apps. Additionally they often are not smartphone savvy.

For more information see my blog at denisemcdonough.wordpress.com


Merlot Mobile App see more


I propose to create a presentation in Sway by Microsoft and use it either as a flipped classroom activity followed by the students creating their own with their favourite Study Apps.

A Poll using poll anywhere or meetoo can facilitate ratings by a large group. According to Mazur even prediction activites in pairs can embed learning.

Learning Objectives

(new at this needs editing)

finding testing study apps that facilitate learning while communting or away from your desk

note taking or research skill enhancement by remembering, retrieving

citation capture for later use - research skills

life skills around technology and 

communication and group study skills

can also discuss accessibility awareness - find all features.... text to speech, font or colour settings

security - password privacy


participation and/or production of new Sway as group or individual