Learning Exercise

Creating a Signature Breakfast Item

We are quickly approaching Breakfast Week! 

Breakfast week will introduce you to the many ways of preparing Eggs, Omelets, Quickbreads, Waffles, Sausage, and much more!

While you will each demonstrate the skills taught to you, I wanted to give you the opportunity to get creative for our end of Breakfast Week Buffet. You will be responsible for selecting a recipe, preparing by using proper MEP (mise en place), and executing the dish on the Thursday for service at 11am. 


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Attached is a link for CHOWhound. You will follow the link and select ONE recipe that relates to breakfast/ Brunch that you will be able to prepare for our class brunch on Thursday during breakfast week (December 3, 2018). It is your responsiblity to research the ingredients and let me know if we need to order any specialty goods. 


Make your selections by Monday, November 26th and be prepared to discuss your choice in class. 

During Breakfast week, you will be given time on Wednesday to MEP your item. You will also have time Thursday to finish production. 




1 Breakfast/Brunch Related Recipe that is SCALED for 25 tasting portions for our buffet


Students are responsible for production and creative presentation of their individual recipe and should be knowledgable of the background (if applicable) and proper cooking techniques. 

Learning Objectives

  • Identify a recipe suitable for breakfast and scale each ingredient for the appropriate amount of guests.
  • Students will take responsiblity in ensuring all necessary ingredients are stocked or utilize subsitutions. 
  • Discussion/ Read through of recipe and cooking methods will be discussed prior to starting production.
  • Evaluation will be on the cooking methods, organization, MEP, sanitation, and presentation/taste/flavor of the food. 




Project Point Total:

5 points for each of the following categories

  1. Proper Cooking Methods
  2. Organization
  3. MEP
  4. Sanitation
  5. Taste/Flavor/Presentation

Total Possible Points: 25