Learning Exercise

Adaptations in ecosystems

Students provide answers on a worksheet with regard to whether a scenario is an adaptation or an acclimation.


Observe simulation of altering a food chain. What happens when you remove an organism from a food chain? see more


Draw from evidence to construct an explanation with regard to how natural selection leads to adaptation of populations.


Technical Notes

Students are informed that this is an open-book kind of class activity.


  • Campbell or Solomon Biology Textbook and/or EDBS220 slides on Evolution
  • Worksheets
  • Pencils and rubbers


  • Evolutionary biology
  • Evolutionary adaptation vs acclimation
  • Natural selection

Learning Objectives

Students will be able to decide between an adaptation and an acclimation.


Each question is worth 0.5 marks. Thus, the class activity is worth a total of 10 marks.